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Let's make the world a better place.

Food is the primary driver of personal, community and environmental health. As we develop consciousness around this, some of our greatest challenges turn manageable.

Change is on the horizon. It can be directed through choices or imposed by consequences. 

Conscious Eater is a forum for raising awareness, facilitating investments and exploring what comes next.

We promote food literacy. We examine regional food system challenges and sustainable practices. We expose current threats and shine a bright light on innovation. Join in!



Open access to information enables informed decisions.


Individual actions catalyze healthy change.


Every dollar spent is a vote for stronger outcomes.


Our food system’s future depends on what we do now.

A Ripple Effect

Change begins with embracing a common sense philosophy:


Good for You

The earth produces what we need, when we need it. Eating a seasonal diet of freshly prepared, sustainably-raised whole foods is an important step for a healthy life.


Good for Your Community

A community’s economy is always closely intertwined with the strength of its food system. Supporting local farmers has significant benefits for all involved.


Good for Mother Earth

Millions (if not billions) of interconnected organisms live within one square inch of healthy soil. Their existence and relationships define everything from the nourishment in our food to balance in nature to the wellbeing of the planet.

Our Story

It’s funny. Most blogs evolve from a concept. Ours began from a conclusion: Food is the primary driver of personal, community and environmental health. From there, the Conscious Eater platform emerged.

Our aim? To keep you in the know. We provide regular insight on the food-related issues that are grabbing headlines and starting conversations.

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